When we create a furniture and interior package we take several things into consideration. Every property and every client is unique and we listen to your wishes, budget and how your home will function for you. We want to give you a home with a style that suits you, either you like the natural & organic, the elegant & classic style or the raw & industrial style. Or something in between or even a mix-and-match style. 

We have put together some styles to inspire you and to give you a feeling on how your home can become. All pictures are from our suppliers and all items on the pictures can be ordered by us.


We master the balance between contrasts of colors and materials to deliver an impressionable feeling of inspiration verses an enjoyable calming home environment.

Mixing cool and daring interior pieces with softer items will bring that feeling of harmony into your home that we would love to help you create.


Warm tones, exclusive items and harmony is our main inspiration for a combination of the warm passion furniture package. We want to perfect the loving feeling you have for your home by creating a space with edge and mixing powerful colors with soft materials.

We will tone down all expressions with a lot of comfort and soft fabrics.


Using natural materials and bringing the feeling from outdoor into your  home is essential for the feel-good and harmonized balance that will have an impact on everyone that steps into your home.

Creating an earthy and light feeling with interior items and colors is the best way to affect your mood without even knowing the reason.


Creating an exclusive look for everyone has been our main goal though we have solutions for every unique project to create a space that has elegance and interacts with a balanced home environment.

To create the exclusive look, we have all the right color charts and furniture options available for every home.